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Hudson and Halls is a live TV cooking show set in the 1980's and featuring two extremely camp and extremely alcoholic chefs. The audience become members of a live TV special and as the whole show becomes completely derailed booze, insults and secrets start pour out. Based on a true story of two gay men, lovers for thirty years at time when homosexuality was illegal, who sashayed their way into the hearts of an entire country.

Hudson & Halls Live! has been performed over 200 times in New Zealand and Australia. In 2015 it won Production of the Year at the Auckland Theatre Awards. In 2016 it won Production of the Year, Best Actor, Best Support Actor and Best Director at the Wellington Theatre Awards.

Hudson & Halls Live! was originally commissioned by SILO Theatre.

Laugh? This play is so funny you could die of it…It’s silly, and also complex, and very moving, all at once. Theatre rarely gets much better than this. – Metro Magazine

Hudson & Halls Live! is exactly a show, a piece of theatre with as much skill as it has heart, a group of creatives working at the height of their collective ability. - Pantograph Punch